Hello there, I'm Daniel V. Rico.

Or Rico, if there are a whole bunch of people with the name Dan attached to them. I'm a character TD, within the 3D industry. In the past, I worked for Syndrome Studio as a maya artist and a character TD, and before that I was at SunnyBoy entertainment as a character TD as well. For a short time, I was a TD at SLAM Internet Inc. for one of their mobile games. Between all of these, I had been mostly a freelancer, hopping on small projects and either making demo rigs, or adjusting ones that were pre-built.

Working long into the night on something is a specialty, and nothing accompanies a good project like a good cup of coffee. In my spare time, I'll usually do some Photoshop sketching, watch some shows for some ideas, or try to break down character movements to help understand how related characters should move.